August 20, 2023

Personalizing Your Kitchen – The Livwell Collective Experience

How to personalize your kitchen?

Enough has been said about the importance of a kitchen in the home. With more family members actively participating in cooking and spending time in the kitchen, it has become very important that the kitchen is convenient to use for everyone. This is where design plays an important role. Best kitchen designs help you maximize the space, make it easier to use for everyone and help declutter and organize the kitchen items offering a neat, peaceful and enjoyable space. We at Livwell Collective, certainly believe that a good-looking and functioning kitchen compliments your lifestyle and reflects your signature style.

Top Personalization Tips:

1. Kitchen storage – An active kitchen requires a lot of items to be stored in a limited space. There are items you require multiple times daily and then the items, you won’t need for a week. Depending on the active usability of the kitchen, the family can decide if the reserves need to be stored in close vicinity or if an extra storage space needs to be created.

2. Decide your stove space – The stove is where all the action happens, thus making it important that all the most used items are not too far from the center point. The stove generally comes associated to the hoodfan and the aesthetics depend a lot on the placement and their style.

3. Keep everything within reach – Once your stove space is decided, it needs to be ensured that all the cooking items are close to your reach. Customizing and designing cabinets that allow everything within your close reach plays an important role in how often the kitchen will be used.

4. Double up your islands as eating space – Islands offer a personality to the kitchen. Islands can be customized as per the family’s requirements. Medium to large islands can also be doubled up and used as the family’s eating space. It saves space and is a sensible replacement for the dining rooms.

5. Add personal/ family items – It is a good idea to reminisce about family moments while working in the kitchen. The kitchen is the area where families get together for meals and spend a lot of time together. Adding personal/ family items in the kitchen gives it a more personalized look and feel.

6. Colour theme for the kitchen – Adding warm and bright colours to the kitchen never goes wrong. Deciding on your colour theme with a professional interior designer from our team at Livwell Collective in Abbotsford will make your kitchen look good and comfortable to work in.

7. Add non-kitchen items – While it is a kitchen, it is not wrong adding non-kitchen items to it. Imagine adding a little plant to the island or a little water fountain in the corner for a soothing effect. It adds to the overall experience and makes your kitchen look balanced.

8. Add favorite smells – While it is the kitchen, it does not always need to smell of food and especially curries. It is nice to have some scent diffusers in your kitchen as they offers a refreshing vibe and make you feel energetic.

9. Lighting – Lighting over and under the countertops adds a strong personality to the kitchen. The lighting colours can be played with to offer a neat or warm look. The kitchen bar can be personalized with lighting and sets up the mood for fun evenings with friends and family.

10. Cabinets – One of the most important features of the kitchen is how you utilize the cabinet space and the entire look and feel of the cabinets. Cabinets can be designed as per the family owners’ preferences. Minimalist approach makes the kitchen look neat and clean all the time.  It is important that the end result reflects your style and daily functional needs.

Our Mission at Livwell Collective

At Livwell Collective, we endeavor to offer solutions to homeowners based on their preferences and the future needs of their growing families. Design plays a crucial role in making your kitchen unique and functional; a place you want to be. Personalizing your kitchen helps you get through your kitchen duties in a fun and efficient way – it also helps you showcase your personality and signature style to your friends, family and guests.

If you are considering a kitchen remodel or would like to speak about any of the products we offer, we would love to speak with you! Get in touch with us over on our Contact Us page by clicking here.