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We either use the city plans of your house or we do a check-measure where we come to your house and measure the spaces that we are renovating.

You can go to the city and request the city plans from the building department. If you need help with this process, then we can assist.

We charge $500-$2000 depending on the number of rooms and the scale of the project that we are designing for you.

The cost of the renovation really depends on the scale of the work getting done and the type of finishes that you have chosen. We work with your budget to give you a home that you love.

From start to end of the design process it typically takes 3-4 weeks.

It depends on the scope of the project, but it will typically take 3-4 months if everything goes smoothly.

Absolutely, we can do designs for clients all around the world thanks to video chat.

We get our cabinets from Sollera which is brand from Columbia Cabinets. We also have other cabinet suppliers that we use by request.

We are a wholesaler for many suppliers, so we often use products that we have for retail in our showroom.