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Team Livwell puts great emphasis on the design element to transform homes and help our clients achieve their signature styles. Our team of designers with years of experience allows us to offer design and renovation solutions that our clients could not envision, hence making the process more exciting. The Livwell team first visits your home to get to know you better.  After understanding our client.

The design team also factors in the discussed budget and creates 3-D renderings to help our clients visualize the proposed design solution before finalizing the plan.  Post the budget finalization, we meet next at our showroom to present the final layout drawings and various elements such as flooring, tile, countertops, fixtures etc.  The Livwell Collective showroom helps our clients select the final products, textures and colours that best suit their style and offers great confidence in both the result and the cost.


Once the design has been finalized, it is time for our experienced workmen to help make your dream come true. The construction phase can be both exciting and stressful and we endeavour to make the entire process seamless.  The dedicated project lead manager helps as a liaison between the client, design and construction team and leads our clients through the entire construction phase of the project. The design team is also involved to ensure the final vision for the project is perfected while they also assist our clients with the finishing touches such as furniture, accessories and staging.

At Livwell, our trades are mostly employees of Livwell which helps us eliminate a lot of the ‘project hazards’.  Having our workforce offers many benefits such as it allows us to keep the costs within our budgets as we operate on a payroll basis and not subcontracts.  It allows us to keep our timelines tighter and most importantly provides us with increased quality control since our entire team is invested in the final result of our projects.


The cabinets in a kitchen and bathroom are likely the most important decision any homeowner needs to make. In the past, we designed our homes by hiding the kitchen so no one could see the ‘mess’, but it is the opposite today.  Cooking is a large part of our lives that we enjoy sharing with friends and family.  So the cabinets need to function both to support the culinary needs of the kitchen space while complementing the signature style of the homeowner.

Creating and offering our range of cabinets allows our design team the flexibility to work with different styles and preferences to suit the needs of our clients.  We also offer multiple products, to allow the kitchen to function for a modern family.  We will also add several accessories to make cooking fun, whether you are entertaining or serving your family. Providing our cabinets also allows us to keep the projects within the budget, achieving maximum value for the dollars spent on cabinetry.


While kitchens and bathrooms are spaces that we share, closets are all about your personal space and how you like to manage your lifestyle.  We can utilise many ideas to better organize personal spaces from laundry needs, scarf and tile storage, shoe storage etc. This helps our clients start their day with clarity and a sense of pride.  It also helps declutter the spaces we generally tend to ignore.

Our closet design system is excellent for other personal spaces too such as garages, laundry rooms and mud rooms.  These areas are mostly neglected in the larger scheme of things, but with the right storage solutions, they can add greater utility and advantage than one expects.  With a great range of colours and design elements to select from, we not only make the closets practical but also beautiful.  Whatever your ideal closet and budget may be, our team is adept to offer the best solution at a suitable cost.


Flooring serves both functional and aesthetic purposes, providing a durable and supportive surface for walking while contributing to the overall design and appearance of a room. Flooring materials come in a wide range of options, each with its unique characteristics, styles, and installation methods.


Plumbing and light fixtures can be a challenge to choose from.  There are so many options to select from, and each item has its style, form and function.  If you want continuity between your rooms, or even within one room, it can be difficult to make decisions.  This is where working with our design team is specifically helpful, to guide you to making the right choices for your home while ensuring that the day-to-day use is pleasurable.

Livwell works directly with trusted partner brands that allow us to provide competitive pricing and a good selection of both plumbing fixtures and light fixtures.  Our showroom features multiple samples of sinks, faucets, shower sets, pendant lights, chandeliers etc. for you to see and feel.  This allows our customers the confidence that they are making the right choices.


Fireplaces have always been an important part of our homes, and are often the centrepiece of our main living spaces.  Their function and styles have also evolved from a wood-burning brick insert to the multiple shapes, sizes and functions we see today.  At Livwell, we can directly sell the esteemed Montigo brand of fireplaces to complement your signature style.   The selection process includes finalising the shape – liner or square, the function – heat-producing or display and options – cool ray for TV mounting flexibility.  Choosing the right fireplace gives our clients years of enjoyment while also factoring in the affordability aspect.


Whether you’ve just renovated your space or you want assistance in updating your current space, Livwell Collective loves the finishing touches! Personalized style is where we can help you bring your space to life!