August 2, 2023

Kitchen Cabinets Decoded


A kitchen is the centre-place of any home, where everyone gets together and most of the important decisions are taken. A family can showcase their personality and style through their kitchen and that solely depends on the kitchen design and kitchen cabinets. It is important to carefully consider the type of kitchen cabinet materials, types, finishes and colours since kitchen cabinets are a permanent addition to your home and reflect your signature style.

Kitchen cabinets can be broadly divided into three categories. Stock kitchen cabinets; that are low on quality and price. The most popular Semi-custom kitchen cabinets are reasonably priced and are available in a wide variety of sizes, configurations, finishes and colours. And finally, as the name suggests, Custom kitchen cabinets which range from reasonable to more expensive, can be designed and built to the homeowners’ specifications.

The next important consideration is the material of the kitchen cabinets: plywood, MDF or particleboard as it influences the overall cost and long-term performance.

The Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Plywood kitchen cabinets offer the best quality, are strong, easier to install and considerably lighter in weight when compared to MDF or particleboard cabinets. Plywood usually comes in maple or birch wood. They justify being expensive as plywood cabinets are a good choice over long periods.

Medium or High-density fiberboard MDF kitchen cabinets are eco-friendly as they use up the fibrous byproducts of wood milling.  High density can be as durable as plywood and has a water-resistant coating making it a good option.

Particle board kitchen cabinets are inexpensive, making them an ideal short-term choice.

Kitchen cabinets can also be categorized into Framed or Frameless kitchen cabinets as they decide the appearance and function of your kitchen. Framed kitchen cabinets are stronger and have a more traditional look, while frameless kitchen cabinets offer better access and a modern look.

Framed kitchen cabinets are stronger as they usually offer a one-and-a-half-inch wide frame on the front of the cabinets. Framed kitchen cabinets have more of a classic look and are only produced by a custom cabinet shop.

Frameless kitchen Cabinets also referred to as Euro-style cabinets, have no cabinet box face frames. The doors and drawers blend in with the cabinet boxes and have a smooth appearance. Frameless kitchen cabinets are more commonly produced and allow for more flexible design detailing.

Kitchen Cabinet Finishing

There are multiple options for finishing and colours on kitchen cabinets, allowing a home-owner to be versatile in the overall layout and design.

Painted kitchen cabinets are adaptable and provide a vast palette of colours to choose from. It is easier to update painted kitchen cabinets when the cabinets are tired, outdated or damaged.

Stained kitchen cabinets are coupled with a protective clear top coating, typically polyurethane. Stained finishes such as walnut, pine, oak or other hardwood veneers enhance the overall beauty of the kitchen cabinets. They are affordable and easy to touch up.

Glazed kitchen cabinets offer an antique look. Cabinet glazing is the process of adding a second colour to the kitchen cabinets. This process helps accentuate the architectural details such as corners and moulding.

Lacquer kitchen cabinets offer a solid, durable finish when the lacquer paint dries and hardens. It lasts longer than any of its competitors without chipping and flaking off.

Laminate kitchen cabinets are highly durable, moisture resistant, easy to maintain and are available in a vast number of colours and designs.

Thermofoil kitchen cabinets are known for their superior moisture resistance. Thermofoil is a non-porous coating for MDF, an alternative to solid wood, making MDF a viable, lower-cost builder's option for kitchen cabinetry.  Thermofoil also comes in many different colours.

The Costs of Kitchen Cabinets

With such a huge variety of materials and options to choose from, kitchen cabinets for an average-size kitchen can come out to anything between $5,000 and $50,000.00 including labour costs. The homeowner needs to plan and seek an expert designer like the team at Livwell Collective to design the layout of the kitchen for remodeling. This is especially important because homeowners want to ensure that their needs are being addressed and that their money is well spent.

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