September 11, 2023

Fall Design Ideas

How to get your home ready for the Fall?

Fall is almost upon us as it is the last few days of summer left. As the Sun stops shining so bright and intense, it is time to make your house ready for the fall by bringing in seasonal change and updating your house with the latest colours and décor.

Create smaller spaces – While summer is all about openness and space, fall offers you an opportunity to create smaller spaces in the house. False or temporary separations can be used to create smaller cosy spaces for the family and individuals.

Do you have a fireplace? If not, you could consider adding the one to your living room or updating an existing one to add that extra glam to your current house. Furniture could be rearranged to convert that large open space into one that feels like a cosy and incorporates the fireplace as a feature. Also, if the installation of a new fireplace may seem like a large project, consider the many design options for an electric fireplace.

Update your lighting – Updating the lighting in your home is another way to redecorate and bring in fresh vibes and energy. This can be accomplished by changing current lights/ lamps in your house with solid or patterned ones in fall hues like brown, orange, red, yellow, or purple. Another tip is to simply update an old lampshade or change the light bulb to a warmer temperature.

• Sometimes we need more light to stay inspired in the fall. Create newer avenues for light, for example, by moving your home workstation closer to the window. While you may not be able to spend much time outside, staying closer to the light leaves a positive effect. Adding more mirrors in the house reflects the light and adds to the light effect in the house.

Add a new paint texture or wallpaper to a feature wall – Textured paint techniques are becoming more popular, making them a great way to update your home to fall in line with current trends. Wallpaper is a way to add design and texture, especially to a room that is mostly functional and needs that extra design touch.

Make the most of the last bit of outdoors – enjoy your alfresco escape for as long as possible. You may need to make a few fall-inspired changes. Swap out your outdoor throw pillows for more fall-friendly colours or add a toasty outdoor fire pit so you can still enjoy the outdoors into the cooler months.

Add extra layers – Make your home ready for the fall by making it a little more comfortable and cosy. Extra layers of drapes, area rugs and cushions will create such a feeling. One could also hang a hand-woven quilt over one of the walls to add to the fall décor. Swap out your rug for a patterned one in fall colours like oranges, reds, browns and purples. It will instantly make the room feel richer and inviting.

Ready the bar – As you intend to ready your house for the fall and will be spending more time indoors, it is a great idea to add or update the bar in your house.

Restyle your shelves – Floating shelves give you an extra perch to display decor in an otherwise task-centric room like the kitchen. Since all your supplies will be out in the open, make sure the ones on display are seasonally on point.

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