December 1, 2023

Subtle Christmas Décor Tips For Improving Your Home

It is Christmas time; the time to bid adieu to the year gone by, showcase gratitude to the past and welcome the future with open arms and a little bit of pomp and show. Move over multi-coloured, cluttered and overwhelming themes and embrace the gifts of mother nature. In this article, we are listing a few natural and subtle Christmas décor tips to create an all-natural Christmas look inside your house. You can also try out the décor ideas and use them for any celebrations inside your home.

No Christmas décor is complete without a Christmas tree. Starting with the basics, a real Christmas tree inside the house just adds an entirely new feel. It is advisable to bring the tree closer to Christmas Day and keep it inside for no more than two weeks. It is a good idea to keep the tree hydrated and move it outside post-Christmas. There is no need to over-decorate your natural Christmas tree as you already have a beautiful nature marvel inside your house. Green is good, and so is white and together both white and green look magical.

Spread happiness with gifts for the family. Wrap your gifts in plain brown paper and tie them with jute strings or neutral minimalistic ribbons creating a great look that brings happiness to every family member while they anticipate what’s inside the boxes.

If you have a fireplace in your house, this is the time to make it all Christmassy and an added attraction. A fireplace nicely done can be the centre of attraction inside your home. Decorate the area around the fireplace with natural items and artefacts in earthen colours. It is also a great idea to keep some of the wrapped gifts around the fireplace.

Everything offered by nature exudes warmth and elegance. This is the time to bring in the foraged branches and put them in a garden vase to create the look of a bare little tree. You could add one to each room creating a natural look everywhere inside the house. So many decorative items can be created from fallen leaves and branches.

Pines are almost synonymous with nature-inspired decorations. A lot of people also paint them and create nature-inspired baskets with pines in multiple colours. We suggest, you ditch the colouring bit and collect natural pines in different shapes and sizes.

Natural wreaths are a symbolic representation of life and faith. This Christmas get your family involved in making wreaths as a group activity. Combine boughs with ferns, pines, dried flowers, fresh flowers and anything earthy. What cannot be tied can be glued to offer a distinct character to your wreaths. Bigger wreaths with wild berries are a good idea for outdoors while subtle wreaths with flowers can freshen up the rooms in your house.

Bright flowers in transparent vases with water offer fresh vibes and energy inside the house. Single roses, orchids and lilies look great in clear vases and can be placed at multiple locations inside your house. If you want fuller vases, consider putting together different-coloured flowers or hydrangea in glass vases.

Also, look at recreating your living room for Christmas. If your walls are white, creating an amazing Christmas look and feel is easier, all you need is to opt for all-white linen and contrast it with earthen colours. While you could also consider investing in festive pillows or bedding, subtle shades of beige and cream coupled with contrasting darker duvets will go a long way in creating the perfect look and feel for your living room.

There is nothing better than happy memories and it makes great sense to personalize your home with family pictures. You could attach them on strings with clips or arrange them on a wall in an abstract manner.

While good décor brings fresh vibes and energy to the house, utilize this Christmas time to create memories with your family. Nature-inspired décor is a good idea and there are multiple ways every member of the family can help decorate the house. If it is not too cold and you are lucky to have a shining sun, it will be a great idea to organize a family brunch in your backyard.

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