January 22, 2024

Quick tips to declutter your home

New Year is a perfect opportunity to hit the restart button. Let us start by decluttering the house you live in. Decluttering is important and has multiple benefits while even positively impacting your health. Decluttering helps in cleaning by removing all the visual interruptions and helps you get organized. It helps bring in a sense of order, promoting concentration and productivity alongside a feeling of self-efficacy and uplifting your mood. 

Define your decluttering goals – The scope of decluttering can vary for different people. Are you trying to create extra space in your home? Are you trying to remove the visual interruptions and achieve a new look? Define your goals clearly and divide the overall plan into action points.

Choose one area at a time – Rome wasn’t built in a day. You cannot look at decluttering your entire house in a day. Break the entire decluttering activity into actionable plans covering specific areas and spread over a number of days. Dedicate a day or two to the closet and the same for the kitchen and living room etc. 

Create a workable sorting system – While decluttering there will always be stuff that you want to discard, retain or bring out to the front. Also, factor in making space for the old items that you had forgotten about and now want to use regularly.

Think of last usage – When you come across something you have not used in the last six months, you probably need to get rid of it. If you do not even remember having the item in the first place, you need to get rid of it.

Adapt to the 80/20 rule – About 80% of the time, we generally use 20% of the items. This rule applies to items such as clothes, utensils, video games, books and more. Try to either get rid of or store the stuff you don’t need 80% of the time.

Get rid of the stuff you don’t use – It is always a tough call to let go of stuff that you once cherished, but only that can make space for change and an opportunity to get new things. You can also put up a garage sale of the past stuff that you don’t need anymore but could be of value to others. It is a great idea to donate and let someone else benefit from your past purchase. If the item is broken or useless, you have to dispose of it.

Manage time – Decluttering can get overwhelming. Once you have made a decluttering plan, break it down into a certain number of days and dedicate specific hours each day. Start small and make an activity out of it without letting it burden and tire you.

Invest in space-saving techniques – Organizers come in handy and offer exciting opportunities. There are brilliant organizers available for your kitchen, and closet to set up your wardrobes and organize the cluttered footwear space. 

Categorize items – It is important to categorize things and keep similar use items together as you go through them. It helps you organize the day-to-day in your house better and will make your daily life easier. Storing each category of item close to their place of use will help make it more convenient. 

Record the transformation – Take photos before and after the decluttering process. Be proud of your job well done and flaunt it. Not only will it bring you peace and joy, but will remind you of what needs to be done if your space becomes cluttered again.

At Livwell Collective, we Design, Renovate and Define your signature style. Every house is unique to the homeowner and reflects your personality. Make the best use of these decluttering tips and feel great about your decluttered home.