February 3, 2024

Top design trends 2024

Look around, design is all around you! The coffee mug you use, the office you work in, the clothes you wear, the chair you sit on, in your homes, kitchen and bathroom. Design is an important aspect of our lives and plays an important role in how we feel wherever we are. A good design helps us save time, be comfortable and focus on other important things and more importantly a good design helps us feel happier. At Livwell Collective, we bring to you some design trends for 2024.

Textured Stone

If you are planning a bathroom or kitchen renovation in 2024, you have to feature textured stone in the layout. Nature is the best designer and taking cues from Mother Nature never ceases to impress. Textured stone is already a popular choice in 2024 with some of our clients already finalizing textured stone and marble finishes in their homes adding a more balanced and timelessly elegant look. 

Green is the new black

Move over carbon taxes and feel closer to nature by incorporating more green into your homes. Famous designers around the world feel that green needs its due and we could not feel any different. We are talking more in the shades of emerald green and olive green blessing your homes and spaces this year. Feel free to use it as a main color or an accent hue. 

Livwell Collective Color of the Year

Dark Olive is the nominated color for 2024. Over the past couple of years, we have seen different shades of gray dominate the cool side of the spectrum, and people are ready for a change.  We are already seeing a comeback of the earth tones in the use of browns, sky blues and warm terracotta.  However, all these tones are balanced with the richness of a dark olive green.  Previously this tone was referred to as hunter green, it takes on a new level warming it up by adding some yellow.  This makes the color especially appealing when mixed with natural wood tones. Lead Designer, Cynthia Lucas at Livwell Collective says, “Dark Olive can be used on more than just interior walls.  It has a bold yet organic and natural look on the exterior of a home.  Also, it adds balance as a color used for furniture or area rugs”.

Patterned Quilts

Cottage-core aesthetics never really go out of style. Something about them that exudes warmth and coziness and yells out loud the word “home”. While patterned bed quilts never went out of fashion, they are making a grand comeback in 2024 adding old-world charm and comfort to your bedrooms and living room sofas. 

Flower Prints

Come Spring and summer, Floral art is expected to make a refreshing splash. An eclectic break from solids and geometrical patterns, floral prints reflect youth, exuberant freshness and happiness. Floral print with personalized art could start becoming a serious trend this year. 

Focus on Hardware

While a tap or faucet might look like a small detail in the kitchen or a bathroom, it holds the weight of an important design element elevating the entire place. Simple materials and solid earth colors are expected to bag the limelight going forward. A simple addition of brass as faucets and knobs of cool shades of colors can elevate the interior design. 

The Quiet Luxury Aesthetic

The quiet luxury aesthetic has been a popular fashion choice over the last year and will transition into interiors in 2024. Joy Chao, the lead designer at JHA, recommends achieving this trend at home by combining items in similar colors but in different textures for a cohesive and layered look. Details like European white oak, Italian limestone, flax linen and alpaca wool are truly timeless and should be incorporated in your home wherever possible.

Vintage Decor 

Vintage doesn’t only refer to antique or big old items gathering dust in your house. Vintage also never goes out of fashion, especially now when everyone wants to showcase their styles through the medium of design. Small items of vintage nature can not only add character to the space but the subtlety of small old-world charm speaks volumes about your signature style. 

Embrace Earth Tones

Move over all whites and geometrical designs, earth tones are making a comeback and worth a try in 2024. There is a growing interest towards warmer earthy hues to infuse character into their interior design. There is a growing trend as homeowners ask for earth-toned color palettes of burgundy, creamy whites, warm neutrals, green and brown. In addition to floors and walls, earth tones are making a comeback in decor, cabinetry and textiles. 

Combined Mud and Laundry Rooms

A good design has to factor in practicality and that’s exactly what combining a laundry and mudroom could do. It is not only convenient to store soiled outdoor wear like sports uniforms, shoes, sandy beach towels, or muddy winter coats near the laundry, but it helps save the outdoor dirt from entering other parts of the house. Mud and Laundry rooms typically doubling up as the second entrance to the house is a blessing and can come in handy when you have pets. 

Handmade Features

Handmade elements add a timeless charm and uniqueness to any space. They not only add more comfort and convenience to your daily routine but also help personalize your space and reflect your signature style. It would mean a lot if some of the handmade elements like paintings were done by the members of the family. While we can help you customize all other elements of the house to your convenience, a handmade art piece is a great personalized addition to your space.

At Livwell Collective we design, renovate and define your signature style. We offer all renovation solutions under one roof which includes electricals, paint, plumbing, light fixtures, cabinets, closets, fireplaces, flooring and all your contracting needs. Our expert tradesmen can help you with unique and practical solutions backed by the expertise of our design team.