April 25, 2024

Inspiring Closets designed by Livwell Collective

Closets are a valuable asset to a home as they can not only store but also help organize your daily routine better. While they keep harping about making your bed, have they told you how important it is to have an organized closet that blends in seamlessly with your morning routine of getting ready and saves you time and effort through the rest of the week? Well, it is important, if not as critical.

Here, we would like to bring you some ideas and tricks to have aesthetically beautiful and functional closets designed by team Livwell Collective that help homeowners store clothes, linen, and items for daily use by blending them with the powder room or creating enclosed storage spaces that take up no apparent space in the house.

Fully customizable high-quality closets are our thing. With a variety of different shelves, drawers and hanging spaces everything has a home. Built in laundry hamper where you can easily separate darks from lights and keep things off the floor is a daily convenience you did not know you needed.

Sliding closet doors can make a statement. Close the doors to keep a clean and streamline look. A funky door in a contrasting color adds a layer of interest to an otherwise mundane space.

Floor-to-ceiling storage. Adjustable shelving makes it easy to fit your closet to your contents. The ability to meticulously organize all your items is a luxury that should not be taken for granted, it makes your day-to-day life easier and avoids time spent searching for things.

A walk-in closet attached to your bathroom is a layout that makes getting ready everyday seamless. While still being separate, everything is easily accessible. This is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular.

Pantry closet hidden behind cabinet doors. This is a wonderful way to create a cohesive flow throughout your kitchen, rather than breaking it up with a standard closet door. Elevated and lux, what a fun feature to add to your kitchen, a secret pantry.

Another look at a bathroom connected closet. One of the main benefits to this concept is the ability to keep the clutter and the inevitable mess that comes with a busy life and closet contents. No matter how organized we are, we all somehow end up with clothes on the floor at least once and a while. Keeping all components of the getting ready process to one zone, the bedroom stays clean and spotless.

Customize your closet to what works for you. Having a home for everything minimizes your chances of losing things and makes it easy to know exactly what you own. Ever forgot about something you owned until you did a deep clean or declutter? If you had a spot for it this would not have been the case.

Entryway closets keep outerwear concealed and the walkway clear. Nobody wants to walk into their home and immediately be greeted by clutter. Choice of two-toned paint for the doors again is a design statement that really elevates the look of this simple entry.

Sliding barn-style doors on his and hers closets. Both functional and stylish, adding a rustic and homey feel with a contemporary twist.

At Livwell Collective, we design, renovate, and define your signature style. Our solutions are customized to merge aesthetics with functionality and style. Book a free consultation with our team at the showroom for all our redesign and renovation needs.