October 21, 2023

How to Create a Spa-Like Atmosphere in Your Bathroom on a Budget

Are you looking for inspiration to redecorate your bathroom? Look no further, at Livwell Collective, we design, renovate and define your signature style. Our design elements are inspired by your needs and aspirations. In this article, we are sharing some stunning bathroom décor tips to help you reinvent your bathroom space and bring in the feeling of calm and happiness that you cherish at your favourite spa.

Identify and apply colour schemes – The right colour patterns can create a calm and peaceful environment. Soft, muted colours help establish a tranquil atmosphere while dark colours offer a warm and cosy feeling. Also, consider pairing warm neutrals with colours inspired by nature.

Add plants or natural décor – One of the simplest ways to make your bathroom feel like a spa is to incorporate natural decor. You can do this by adding potted houseplants on the floor, countertop and other bathroom surfaces. Also, adding a floating shelf with greenery can bring life and colour to your space. If you are not confident about live plants, you can use faux plants or flowers.

Update your toiletries – Bring in your favourite fragrances and bath solutions that look and smell good. You can achieve this by incorporating aesthetically pleasing bath products that match your colour scheme. In case your favourite products do not come in spa-worthy packaging, you may transfer them to attractive clear glass dispensers.

Try out towel patterns – Soft towels arranged in spa-like patterns such as in a rolled arrangement or a stack with neatly folded edges add a great look. It is best to choose bath towels that are made from an absorbent material, like cotton or bamboo, that will withstand washing over time.

A trendy shower head – you can transform your daily shower routine into a more luxurious and relaxing experience by replacing your basic showerhead with a trendy and advanced shower model. Select one with varying spray patterns, a handheld component, or a rain showerhead.

Add rugs to the floor – Adding rugs to your bathroom floors helps create a luxurious and cosy atmosphere. Choose contrasting coloured rugs made from natural material to add that extra character to your bathroom and save yourself from the cold floor tiles on a winter morning.

Create reflections with mirrors – To make your bathroom appear brighter and more spacious, consider using reflective surfaces. The reflective surfaces will create a sense of lightness and brightness, which can positively affect your mood. You can achieve this by incorporating large mirrors, chrome fixtures and polished tiles in your bathroom décor alongside proper lighting.

Add calming scents – The right scents help create a peaceful mental space. Using fragrances like lavender, rosemary or ylang-ylang through essential oil diffusers or scented candles, lotions, or soaps helps refresh your mood and sets you up for the day’s tasks ahead.

Add art – Adding art or your favourite scenery paintings, or photos adds that extra grandeur to your bathroom. It also adds to the effect of relaxing and rejuvenating as you take a break from your daily chores.

In conclusion, any bathroom can be stunning and appealing rather than ordinary or boring with the right design combinations. A clean and tidy bathroom with the mentioned décor tips will help you feel like you are in your favourite spa.

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