March 1, 2024

Top custom cabinets for Fraser Valley Homes 2024

The design and installation of cabinets are likely the most important decisions any homeowner needs to make. As the kitchen function has upgraded to socializing and guest entertainment zones, homeowners need to be able to flaunt their kitchens rather than hide the mess. Similarly, for bathrooms and other parts of the home that need storage, cabinets help bring a neat and aesthetic solution to any home.

Over the years, Livwell Collective has created a range of cabinets that offer the perfect combination of design and functionality with different styles and preferences to complement the signature style of the homeowner.  We have also added several accessories in the kitchen cabinets to make cooking fun, while you are entertaining guests or serving your family. Our competitive pricing allows us to keep the projects within the budget, achieving maximum value for every dollar spent on cabinetry. Here is a blog with the top ten cabinet solutions designed and implemented by Livwell Collective:

Sleek and simplistic streamlined cabinetry compliments the mid-century modern architecture of this home. The kitchen is open to natural light with layers of seating for multiple guests. Centered around a beautiful island and bar combo, wrap-around cabinets provide tons of storage. The space remains light and inviting with wood tones and light fixtures, balanced by cool tones. Another hidden pantry with cabinets in the kitchen ensures there will never be any dearth of storage space for the homeowners.

The minty freshness of sage green cabinetry pairs beautifully with dark double islands. This cabinetry offers a mix of traditional, modern and industrial styles blended seamlessly. This kitchen transformation creates a lot of space for a big modern family to entertain guests and enjoy meals together.

Where simplicity meets functionality with ease. Various cabinetry storage solutions like this wine bottle insert give everything a meaning, place and a sense of style.

Contemporary kitchen with sleek cabinetry and appliances. Ample cabinetry space allows countertops to remain clutter-free. The waterfall island countertop pulls in the grey tone of upper cabinetry and seamlessly blends in with the overall aesthetics of this kitchen.

Light and airy yet dramatic. Charcoal lower cabinets ground the kitchen while the eye moves up expanding the visual space. The custom-built cabinets next to a window create a perfect prep space on the countertop with amazing storage space beneath.

Gorgeous terracotta tiles paired with wood-tone cabinetry bring this kitchen to life. Unique and full of personality. Funky wine storage is a playful way to add yet another layer of interest. The built-in fridge makes an otherwise eyesore look aesthetically beautiful.

Backsplash tiling all the way up to the ceiling offers charm and classiness. Textural hexagon selection introduces patterns to this kitchen. The custom-fitted stove on the island makes a great impression. Wine storage incorporated gives home to six wine bottles.

The Utensil pull-out drawer located next to the stove provides this kitchen with the convenience every home chef needs. Also allows you to keep countertops clear to get the most out of your prep space, and helps you maintain a clean look throughout the kitchen.

Galley-style kitchen with great workflow. A floating shelf incorporated over the sink offers the homeowner an opportunity to personalize and create their own signature style as the under-cabinet lighting elevates the look.

This is a great example of mixing masculine and feminine. Dark lower cabinets and countertop compliment the black accents throughout the rest of the home providing a cohesive flow. Remaining cabinetry being light and warm provides the kitchen with beautiful contrast.

Livwell Collective offers you custom-built cabinets designed to perfection. Our design team balances aesthetics with functionality while helping you create the perfect style statement in front of your family and friends. You can learn more about our cabinet design and installation services. Talk to us to know more.