April 4, 2024

Interior colours that help you relax

Home is where the heart is, rightly so because home is where you should be able to find your peace. While the modern lifestyle has added stress and anxiety to our daily routine, we need to create our homes as safe havens that help us relax and rejuvenate when we are not hustling.

Livwell Collective brings recommended colours that you can use in your homes to help calm your mind and make your heart happy.

Classic white – White is a timeless classic that can help lower stress and anxiety levels while offering a timeless classic look and feel. White is clean and elegant and adds a welcoming feel to your clean and tidy home. The timelessness of white cannot be overstated and it goes well with any other cooler or warmer shades in any room of the house.

Emotionless Gray – Gray could be emotionless but it is safe and helps you relax and balance your feelings while at the same time exuding elegance. Different shades of Gray can offer a soothing as well as a cool feeling. Being a neutral colour, Gray can blend easily with other colors and designs anywhere in the house.

Shades of Blue – One of the natural anti-depressants, blue is a soothing colour that can help calm your mind and relieve tension. If you close your eyes and picture a calming scene, chances are you will picture a blue sky or a calm blue sea. Blue can be a good addition to the bedrooms as it has been known to help people relax and sleep better.

Comforting Green – Another shade of nature, Green is one of the most beautiful, soothing and comforting colours known to us. Green reflects peaceful and harmonious feelings and has a similar effect on your mind. A softer green can exude serenity while a darker green reflects coziness. Green is best suited for the laundry room and pantry area among other rooms in the house.

Pretty Pink – Pink is all about tranquillity and peace while Pink can be both stimulating and calming. Bright and warm pinks, such as fuchsia relate to vibrancy, feminity and youth while dark shades of pink relate to confidence and ambition. Pink isn’t just for kids or powder rooms, you can use it anywhere in your home.

The colours mentioned above have been known universally to bring in a sense of peace and relaxation. The list is not limited to the ones mentioned above but also shades like beige, peach, taupe and various earthy tones. While science can help us identify the general recommendations for peaceful colours, we can always modify them to better suit your style and requirements. Talk to us at Livwell Collective if you are looking for a colourful solution to help you relax at your home.