June 24, 2024

Simple ways to make your home look luxurious

Whether you are a part of a hybrid work model where you work from home or come back home after a daily grind, home is where you should be relaxed and happy. Add a little bit of luxurious look and feel to it and you have yourself what they call, ‘Neighbour’s envy, Owner’s pride.’ At Livwell Collective, we believe in helping you create the kind of home that reflects your signature style. Following are some simple ways to create a home that looks and feels luxurious while reflecting your signature style. There are many ways and ‘affordable’ finishing touches that can make your home look and feel more luxurious.

Declutter – Declutter your home by asking yourself if you really need each item. Over time, clutter can accumulate without you realizing it. If you struggle to throw things away, consider using stylish baskets and bins to help organize your belongings.

Wall Paint – Look at creating a feature wall with paint and art – Consider painting a feature wall with a mural or geometric shapes to create a designer focal point. Additionally, choose wall art that complements the room’s decor to tie the space together effectively. Using neutral and lighter colours for both paint and furniture offers a more spacious look.

Update lighting – Good lighting can really change how a home looks and feels. It’s especially nice to have a good reading light to add an extra touch of luxury to your home. In addition to ceiling and wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps can make a big statement in your home with added colour and texture. Built-in LED lighting in areas like the kitchen countertops offer a great final addition.

Layer rugs – You can look at updating your floor with layer rugs. Look at adding smaller, less expensive rugs and sew them together, or use carpet binding tape to create a large enough rug. Small cotton rugs do not cost a lot. However, for a larger space, you might need between 4-6 of them. You might also want to layer these over a more textured rug like a shagpile.

Upgrade hardware – There are simple and affordable ways to update hardware. One quick and inexpensive update is to replace handles. Black hardware can replace the typical chrome finish or look at using gold or brass-coloured hardware. A rich brass or worn antique handle can add depth and warmth and change the feel of the furniture. Stone knobs can add great texture as well. For your kitchen, consider integrating technology to create sensory handles.

Update furniture – You can enhance your home’s luxury by adding stylish furniture. Comfortable sofas and chairs with cushions and throws, along with surfaces for placing items, are essential. Replace any worn or tired-looking furniture. Corner sofas often define a luxurious living room, and upgrading your coffee table can also contribute to the desired look. Investing in a sofa, bed frame, mattress, TV stand, and other key pieces can transform your house into a luxury home.

Walk-in wardrobe – you can look at turning an underused loft conversion into a walk-in wardrobe to create more space and add a premium feel.

Decorate – It is a promising idea to add pieces that appeal to all the senses, like using scented candles or diffusers. Candles can add style, elegance, and class to any space. Another way to add a luxurious feel to your home is by putting up mirrors on the walls. Mirrors not only look great, but they also help light move through the room. This can transform a dull, lifeless room into a beautiful, bright, and inviting space.

Glassware and tableware – Don’t forget this: While it’s just a small part of your home, adding tableware to your dining area can make it feel more luxurious. Stylish glassware, pretty tableware, and linen napkins can elevate a meal and make it feel special. You can find bowls, plates, and mats in many assorted colours, patterns, and styles. Look at your space and choose tableware that matches the room’s colour scheme and design.

Invest in bedding and towels – Upgrading your duvet sets and investing in superior quality bed linen and fluffy towels can make an enormous difference. Grey and silver colours are always in style, and having a classic duvet set can instantly elevate the luxurious feel of your home.

Indoor plants and flowers – Brighten up your room by adding flowers and plants. They can make your space feel better and give it a luxurious look. You can use a favourite vase and add a colourful bouquet. Look at creating custom vases to add character and style to the plants.

Luxury is all about attention to detail and comfort, and it is possible to create a luxurious look and feel with the right approach. You can consider making the mentioned updates to your house on your own or talk to a designer and create a new layout for your home.