Sydney Russell

Sydney Russell

Lead Designer

About Cynthia

Sydney started at Livwell Collective with experience in visual arts and design. The best fit for her skill set was kitchen and bathroom designs using the 2020 program. This allowed her computer, design and slight OCD to come together and create functional and beautiful spaces. Her keen eye for both the big picture and the small details brings the stoke of perfection to our designs.

In order to get out from behind the computer, Sydney enjoys the styling part of our projects. Pulling together the final details such as accessory placement and picture hanging are the final touches she enjoys. She is amazing at sourcing items online, saving our clients time and money.

It is just impossible to miss Sydney’s bubbly personality. Her positive attitude and willingness to try new ideas keep our design team enjoying every day at work. She is wise beyond her years but does not let that stop her from having fun and enjoying all the aspects of her job.