June 14, 2024

Minimalist summer decor tips

Summer is upon us, and the season resonates with embracing warmth, light, openness and bringing freshness into your home. Summer is the perfect opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate your home with a few interior design hacks to create vibrant decor during this sunny season. At Livwell Collective, we are happy to bring you some tips and tricks to get your house summer-ready:

Summer colours – Summer is perfect for adding light pastel and neutral shades to your home. Light pastels such as mint green, baby blue, and soft pink, as well as neutral tones like white and beige, can help create a cool and calming environment. While vibrant colours like turquoise, coral, yellow, and green reflect the energy of summer and add a bright and bold outlook. Contrasting colours can help create accents to add interest and dynamism to your personal space.

Textiles – Hot and sunny summer calls for fabrics that are lightweight and breathable such as cotton, linen and sheer curtains which can help encourage the air flow and keep the place cool. Using patterns such as floral, tropical prints and nautical stripes add a seasonal touch.

Natural Light – In contrast to the dark and grim winter days, summer is an opportunity to let the sunlight into your home by using light sheer curtains. Reflective surfaces like decorative mirrors can help make the space feel brighter and larger.

Furniture – Summer is the time to remove the extra cushions from the large furniture and make it more spacious in general. Using lighter sheets to replace heavier coverings helps create a cool environment. Furniture can be rearranged away from the windows to let air and light flow freely through the house.

Outdoor Spaces – Summer is the time to get the patios and decks ready with comfortable seating, dining spaces, and decorative elements to create inviting outdoor living areas. The season also offers a perfect opportunity to add plants and greenery to complement the decor with natural shades. Consider adding string lights and lanterns to create a lively atmosphere for evening gatherings.

Summer Accessories – The season calls for swapping the heavy stuff with summer-themed accessories like seashells, beach-themed artwork, and colorful throw pillows. Natural elements like woven baskets, wooden accents, and fresh flowers enhance the summer vibe while scented candles and diffusers can help evoke the amazing summer feeling.

Cool and Comfortable Spaces – Cool and comfort can go hand in hand with decor inspirations. Integrating ceiling and portable fans can help keep the interior and deck areas cool in the summer while adding a fashion statement. Consider metal portable fans for the decks and patio and portable ACs inside to keep the home cool and comfortable. Flooring materials such as bamboo, light wood, or tile help maintain a comfortable temperature.

Social Spaces – Create a flexible seating space by using portable chairs around the barbeque deck, to set up guest dining areas and entertainment zones outside the home. Special activity areas for the guests and dedicated play areas for kids can help you host gatherings seamlessly.

Eco-Friendly Design – Lighting plays a huge role in energy usage and using energy-efficient lighting can help reduce energy consumption during summer months. Eco-friendly materials like bamboo, recycled glass and organic cotton are summer-friendly components.

Summer Trends – Summer is the season to blur lines between indoor and outdoor spaces by incorporating similar materials and decor styles in both areas. Tech integration is another aspect that can help convert your house into a smart home by controlling the lighting, temperature, and entertainment systems to make your home more comfortable and efficient.

By incorporating these aspects, homeowners can create a designer look and feel to their homes that not only look beautiful but also offer comfort and enjoyment during summer. By capturing the essence of summer—its brightness, energy, and freshness—a summer look can be created in homes. We at Livwell Collective work on creating designs and undertake renovations to match the signature style of the homeowner. Get in touch with our team and visit our showroom to get some inspiration and refresh your home this summer season.