May 24, 2024

Interior Design mistakes to avoid

Home is where the heart is and the heart wants what it wants. It is easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to designing and decorating your house. Too many options along with too many opinions can make it super confusing for any homeowner. Designing and decorating the interiors of your new or old home needs knowing it all, planning, decision making and having faith in yourself and your choices. An experienced interior designer comes in handy, especially when it comes to renovation. An interior designer can help make all the right choices for you in addition to teaching you the pros and cons of the available options. We would like to alert you about some of the common mistakes that should be avoided at all costs before you let the hammer drop.

  1. Unclear vision – Not having a clear vision when it comes to how you want to renovate/ design your home is more common than one can imagine. With the technology available today, it is very easy to picture the new renovation/ design in your home by uploading existing pictures of your home and trying on new flooring, paint, and furniture virtually. Our design team can create excellent 3D renderings that help you visualize your place before the renovation plan is approved.

  2. The wrong paint colour – The paint colour for your walls is supposed to complement your furniture and overall decor theme. Usually, it is a safe idea to finalize your furniture and curtains before you decide on the paint colour. It is easier to change the paint colour than replacing expensive furniture, upholstery and accessories

  3. Messing up the measurements – Measurements constitute the most important part of designing your space and even creating a perfect experience. Ensure that the team takes accurate measurements as once a contractor is working on a kitchen, it’s not so easy to ask him to switch a cabinet or two.

  4. Budgeting – It is critical to have a budget set aside for renovating and designing before the contractors move in. Even before you start negotiating with the designer, you should have a focal point set on how much you are ready to spend on the job. Remember, a renovation is an investment towards improving the value of your house and the quality of your life in the home. 

  5. Inadequate lighting – Lighting makes a big difference in any home and not planning adequate lighting proves to be a major interior design mistake. Improper and Inadequate lighting can make a space feel dull as well as uninviting. In absence of natural light sources on the ceiling and in the walls, the house may look dark and feel cramped including the bedroom as it extends to different parts of the house. 

  6. Insufficient storage – Storage space needs to be factored in while designing the layout of the place and functional storage space needs to be integrated into the home design. Inadequate storage leads to clutter and is a frequent design mistake as homeowners forget to factor in enough storage and consider their future requirements. It is a common mistake to not create points of interest, underutilizing nooks and corners and not making the most of wall space.

  7. Excessive furniture and accessories – Having excessive furniture can very well interfere with a successful interior design. Homeowners do not need to have larger rugs and fill all the available space by pushing furniture to the perimeter of a room as it has a limiting effect on space and horizon. Always remember clean does not mean cluttered. 

  8. Don’t let Art overwhelm your space – Art brings creativity, imagination and personality to your personal space as each art piece represents beauty, emotional power, or conceptual ideas. Having art can complement your space as blank walls can sometimes turn out to be worse than cluttered walls. At the same time, art needs to be placed properly and anything hung too high may not look as good and add value to the place. Use an art piece to complement the place and sometimes the accessories can be used to complement the central art piece.

  9. Don’t mix too many styles – Having too many styles in a place is a common mistake as it can make the place all too overwhelming. A mixture of different styles and patterns is confusing and can look like a mess. Designers have different rules to manage the contrast between the place and the style without letting the styles overwhelm the home. 

  10. Doing too much – Decorating every corner and wall in your home can make the space feel claustrophobic. Too much of anything is a bad thing and it translates to clutter in design terms.

These are some of the points you need to be careful about while finalizing your next renovation/ design job. Talk to us at Livwell Collective as we can design, renovate, and define your signature style. Our solutions are customized to merge aesthetics with functionality and style. Book a free consultation with our team at the showroom for all our redesign and renovation needs.