July 4, 2024

10 useful tips for your next home renovation

Home renovation is a tricky business, especially when there are so many ideas and inspirations to pick from and you are unsure of which ones to narrow down to. here are several revamps and installations, which can add a rather premium look and feel to your humble abode within a budget. In many cases, these changes can also add value to the property. At LivWell Collective, we are happy to bring you some tips and tricks for your next home remodelling:

  1. Think of a ‘sunken’ living room
    The most recent home renovation trend that’s all the rage these days involves making sunken areas for the couches in living rooms. Lowering your living room gives the space a more intimate feel, making it look much larger than it actually is.

  1. Use the extra space under the staircase
    Have a staircase? Make your childhood Harry Potter fantasy come to life! There usually is a huge space under the staircase that is often left unused. Transform it into a small cozy room (or a secret reading nook) or try adding a few shelves and display your books or music collection! You can even fix up a fancy bar setup and put your exquisite collection of wines to clever use.

  1. Upgrade to kitchen island
    If you wish to transform your kitchen, give the kitchen island a chance that provides you with more counter space, additional storage area, and extra seating options. One fantastic way to upgrade the kitchen design is by doubling it as a minibar—install shelves above the counter for drinking glasses and fix a storage space below to keep your alcohol. You can add additional electrical outlets to the island during remodelling for all your kitchen gadgets to function smoothly. Add patterns and textures to make up the backsplash and look into painting the cabinets afresh for an immediate refurbished effect.

  1. Embrace smart home technology
    The integration of smart home technology continues to gain popularity. Think of installing smart thermostats, lighting systems, and sensor faucets that could be controlled both manually and remotely via smartphones, allowing you to adjust settings at your convenience from anywhere. Use such innovative gadgets to enhance the functionality of your kitchen as well as to add an additional layer of convenience.

  1. Consider open-plan spaces
    Modern homes generally come with open-plan layouts. Think of more spacious and airy areas that are not restricted to specific sections and are allowed to flow more seamlessly. There are no unnecessary walls or barriers in this design concept, which allows better connection and social interactions with your family and guests. So, don’t think much before knocking down those boring walls in your dining or living area while you remodel!

  1. Incorporate biophilic design
    There are many reasons why biophilic design, which focuses on establishing a connection between humans and nature, is gaining popularity in the world of home renovations. It involves integrating natural elements into your home, including indoor plants, natural light, and organic materials for sustainability. You can begin by adding large glass windows to let more natural light enter, bringing home indoor plants for improved air quality, and incorporating natural textures like wood and stone for that added sense of enhanced aesthetics!

  1. Add baseboard drawers for maximized space
    Looking for more space in your bedroom? Well, look under the bed. We often forget about the extra spaces under the cabinets and beds. How about adding storage areas that will not only elevate the whole design layout but also ensure your room is always tidy and free from little knick-knacks lying around? This trick works wonders when you have to maximize a smaller space.

  1. Try open shelves
    Who would have thought that something as simple as an open shelf can add a great visual layer to a home. Don’t force your precious antiques, frames, and more, to stay hidden behind cabinets—rather, choose to either keep them completely open or cover them with glass doors.

  1. Redo your bathroom
    While renovating your bathroom, add sleek surfaces for a sparkling space that makes tidying it up a breeze. Also consider using bold colours, trying textures and patterns on the floor, installing a spa-like shower head, and upgrading your light fixtures. Do note that refurbished, fresh-looking bathrooms are always a major selling point.

  1. Don’t forget about the exterior
    While renovating the interiors is important, never forget to upgrade the outside of your house too. Give your home a pleasant ‘first look’ by installing accent pieces to your entrance, adding a home garden, giving your mailbox a makeover, or installing a statement art piece to your foyer. The world is your oyster!

These simple tips and tricks can help homeowners create a much more designer look for their refurbished homes, while keeping functionality and aesthetics in mind. We at Livwell Collective undertake home renovations to match your signature style, so get in touch with our team or visit our showroom to get some inspiration!